New Year’s Eve Product Highlight: Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Looking for something fancy and unique to kick up your New Year’s Eve party and impress your guests? With Cheese Addiction, you always have the option of a stunning, made-to-order platter. But we know that you’re probably the most interested in starting off the New Year with a champagne toast. There’s no better way to beautify your bubbly than adding wild hibiscus flowers to each glass, creating a purely decadent sip and a glorious presentation to your favorite champagne.

These wild hibiscus flowers are so elegant that you would think they’d be difficult to incorporate into your night of fun and celebration. However, all you need to do is drop a little flower into the bottom of your champagne flute and pour directly over them, allowing them to blossom and bring color and mystique to your effervescent beverage. Drizzle some of the syrup inside the glass too for a gorgeous swirl that culminates in a full-fledged flower. And, of course, make sure to munch on that little flower once that champagne is gone for a delightfully fruity and alcohol-soaked bite.

As always, we at Cheese Addiction are happy to attend to all your holiday and party needs. Come give us a visit and pick up some hibiscus flowers, cheese, and accoutrements. Happy Holidays!