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CHEESE ADDICT 101 CLASS Get yourself Cheesucated!!!

Imagine being a guest for a dinner party. You arrive hungry - you are holding a bottle (or two) of your favorite Wine and/or Beer and you are looking forward to enjoying around a dozen Cheeses from around the world, accompanied by all the accouterments and crackers you could want. The subject matter is Cheese, but this is not just any plastic wrapped grocery store cheese, these are mostly Artisan exclusive cheeses from around the world that have been cut for you STRAIGHT OFF THE WHEEL.

As the class progresses, you find the banter among all the guests to be interesting with the Wine and Cheese pairings meeting with your approval. At the same time, our expert informs you of the history, relevant and exciting information/stories of each cheese you eat and answers all questions posed by the attendees with vigor and passion. You will also be shown how best to enjoy the cheeses with different drinks and cheese sides, e.g. honey. You sit back and think to yourself that you cannot wait to try out everything you have just learned on your guests at your next dinner party. You will "walk in hungry and roll out stuffed".

UPCOMING CLASSES - Classes start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise stated.

BELMONT SHORE, Long Beach - monthly every 4th Saturday-call 562.433.4986 for reservations.

Saturday 28th OCTOBER 2017 - CHEESE 101 - 6.30 pm - $45 SOLD OUT

Sunday 29th OCTOBER 2017 - CHEESE 101- 4.30 pm - $45

Saturday 25th NOVEMBER 2017 - CHEESE 101- 6.30 pm - $45



BELLA TERRA, Huntington Beach- monthly every 2nd Saturday -call 714.372.7706 for reservations.

Saturday 11th NOVEMBER 2017 - CHEESE 101- 6.30 pm - $45 

Saturday 9th DECEMBER 2017 - CHEESE 101- 6.30 pm - $45

                                       CLASSES CAN BE BOOKED FOR PRIVATE PARTIES


OFF-SITE EVENTS - call 714.372.7706 for information

Friday 27th October 2017 - At Absolution Brewery, Torrance, CA. Beer & Cheese PAIRINGS - 6.30 pm


IN HOUSE TASTING - Third Sundays of the MONTH - Belmont Shore ONLY - $12.50 event on the third Sunday of the month from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Quality and filling and better value than fast food. Enjoy a Cheese Plate of 6 Artisan Cheeses from around the world - accompanied by Tasting Notes on each of the Cheeses - Crostini and an accouterments are also included. Enjoy at home, picnic, whilst strolling or lazing about.  Join the army of regulars and let us expose you to the world of cheese that has been cut straight off the wheel for you.




Classes  If you are unable to attend a class for which you have registered, class registration fees are non-refundable, but registrations are transferable (your friend will be very happy). Alternatively, if you cancel your registration, we can apply your payment to a future registration, for up to one year, provided cancellation notice is given 48 hours prior to the start of class. If your party is four or more people, we require 72 hour notice of a cancellation. As we are a small business with very limited seating and perishable products, we are not able to make any exceptions to this policy. 

 Classes Purchased as Gifts If you are purchasing a class for a friend, please be aware that the policies detailed above apply to classes given as gifts. If you have any concern about your friend's schedule, please consider a gift certificate rather than a specific class. If you prefer to purchase a specific class, please provide us with your friend's email address. Otherwise, you will be our point of contact for the class confirmation and courtesy reminder.

NON-PERISHABLE RETURNS  Should an item arrive broken or not to your satisfaction, please email or call us within 5 days of receipt. We will happily replace any broken or unsatisfactory items.

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PLATTER CANCELLATIONS Platters orders maybe cancelled with 48 hours notice. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged 100% of the purchase price less any delivery fees.

PRIVATE EVENT CANCELLATIONS Deposit and Final Balance: A nonrefundable deposit of $50 is required in order to secure the date and pricing for the event, which must be paid via credit card or check. The deposit will be applied toward the final balance due. The final balance must be paid at the event via check or credit card.