For those who are particularly serious about Cheese platters.

We build Cheese platters to your particular need, however, if you are not sure exactly what you want then leave it to us. 

You could chose from one of the tried and tested collections on the previous page. We've designed fantastic cheese collections by price, by style, by country & by wine pairing! ALTERNATIVELY, chose from:

CROWD PLEASER - $45 (serves 4 - 6) - 4 popular cheeses platter designed to please all palates accompanied by either a baguette OR crackers

THE TOP SELLER - $65  (serves 6 - 8) - 5 top selling cheeses plus dried fruit and sliced baguette. 

THE MINI  FEAST - $85 (serves 8 - 10) - Choice of 5 cheeses chosen for you and accompanied by dried fruit, almond nuts and 2 sliced baguettes.

THE INTERNATIONAL PARTY - $110 (serves 12 - 16) - 6 cheeses from around the world accompanied by baguettes and crackers, dried fruit, almond nuts and an accoutrement.

All platters are prepared on a round re-usable platter prepared with grape leaves, topped with dried or fresh fruit, a spreader and each cheese is tagged with an informative tag.

Some samples of trays, if there's something you MUST MUST MUST have, send us your request to: .